Instrument accounting and issuance system

How you can accounting and issuance your work instrument in 3 steps?

1 step

Add recipient

2 step

Add instrument

step 3

just start issuing the tool by barcode, RFID or manually

with barcode or RFID tag (automatic mode)
manually from the list of employees

How it's work?

Manually. At administrator mode you can issue/return your worktools from list

Automatic issue. Uses rfid tags on the instrument and recipient cards (recomended)


Automatic issue. Use barcodes


System requirmentes

PC with Microsoft Windows 7 or higher

1 USB for RFID reader/barcode scanner (for automatic operations )


Software — €179

one time pay

included 12 months warranty

 and free updates

RFID reader — €29

Barcode scanner — €59

Barcode printer — €149

RFID tag for tools — €0.6/pc

RFID card for employee — €0.6/pc

We accept PayPal. Shipping method — EMS post.

Our system operates in various industries and construction sites. Regularly updated only with necessary additions.

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